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Tocopharm(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Tocosynth was founded in 2012, the subsidiary of Tocopharm Co., Ltd, who are specialized in R&D and manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates,heterocyclic compounds,modified cyclodextrin,plant growth regulators,custom synthesis services from lab test to commercial production.Our products are widely used in many industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, green agriculture, cosmetics, electronics, scientific research in universities, etc.We provide global customers with high-quality products and professional, comprehensive and fast services.If you are interested in our products or have any questions, please contact us freely.
Founded in

Tocosynth was founded in 2012
.Our products are widely used in many industries
Plant Growth Regulators .....e our life better
The finished product is soft and comfortable
The origin of Tocosynth as ... name suggests lies in Tocopharm's chemical synthesis.
The company was established in ... with intention to cater needs of researching and developing chemical raw materials.
Time is money and we take this slogan very seriously.
Having plant -production experience ourselves
Topical Shows Promise in Treating Precancerous Cervical Condition

Topical Shows Promise in Treating Precancerous Cervical Condition April 09, 2024 by Michael Masciadrelli CIN Cervical cancer, often caused by persistent human papillomavirus (HPV) infections, remains a public health challenge worldwide despite falling diagnoses related to the success of the HPV vaccine in young adult women. More than 11,500 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year, and over 4,000 women die from it.

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Tocopharm will join in CPHI 2024

CPHI China 2024 Tocopharm will join in CPHI 2024 from June 19 to June 21 in Shanghai. CPHI & PMEC China is Asia’s leading pharmaceutical show for trading, knowledge sharing and networking. It spans all industry sectors along the pharmaceutical supply chain and is your one-stop platform to grow business in the 2nd largest pharma market in the world. CPHI & PMEC China 2024, with the co-located shows FDF, bioLIVE, Pharma Excipients, NEX and LABWORLD China, etc. is expected to draw 3,500+ exhibitors and hundreds and thousands of professionals from the pharmaceutical industry.

L-cyclodextrins synthesized in the lab for the first time

L-cyclodextrins synthesized in the lab for the first time A team of chemists at Northwestern University has successfully synthesized three L-cyclodextrins in the lab for the first time. In their study, published in the journal Nature Synthesis, the group used a one-pot strategy to achieve the feat.

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Chemical Raw Materials
  • Is tocopharm a manufacturer or re-seller company?
    Tocosynth is a professional R&D and manufacturing company,which is a subsidiary of Tocopharm. Our main field of activities are pharmaceutical intermediates,modified cyclodextrin,agrochemical and custom synthesis. And our trademark is Tocopharm. Most of products are certified reference standard materials.
  • Are products compliance with international standards?
    Our products are manufactured according to international standards and customers' requires. We provide necessary resources and carry out our operations by being aware that total quality understanding is the fundamental source of sustainability in all activities of the company.

  • What is the delivery time for stock products?
    It depends on the customer's requests and type of the products. For reference standards, expected delivery time is 3 - 5 days for stock products. It is 2 - 4 weeks for custom synthesis products which can be customized according to customers' requests. Customers are always informed about the delivery time before payment in all cases.
  • How can we get your quotation for the products?
    We do not sell our products on our web site directly as e-commerce trading (Credit card, money transfer, online payment etc.). Regarding international order progress, you have to get the quotation first to see the total cost (Including shipment cost, packaging cost etc.) before legal payment.
  • Chemical Manufacturing
    Rm 1955,Building 2,No.215,Lianhe North Rd.,Fengxian Dist.Shanghai 201417 China
    About Us
    Tocosynth is the Chinese dosmetic susidiary company of Tocopharm,who mainly R&D and manufacturing chemicals raw materials based in Shanghai,China.Our company was established in 2012.
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