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(+)-Abscisic acid

Product Description

(+)-Abscisic acid

Product Name: (+)-Abscisic acid
Cas No: 21293-29-8

(ABA)ABSCISIC ACID;(+)-Abscisic acid;ABA;ABA, Dormin, (S)-5-(1-Hydroxy-2,6,6-trimethyl-4-oxo-2-cyclohexen-1-yl)-3-methyl-(2Z,4E)-pentadienoic acid;S-(+)-ABA;S-ABA;(S)-(+)-ABSCISIC ACID;[S]-5-[1-HYDROXY-2,6,6-TRIMETHYL-4-OXOCYCLOHEX-2-EN-1-YL]-3-METHYL-[2Z,4E]-PENTADIENOIC ACID

Structural Formula: (+)-Abscisic acid Structure
Molecular Formula: C15H20O4
Molecular Weight: 264.32
Technical Spec.:
Quality Index
White powder

(+)-Abscisic acid(Cas No.:21293-29-8) can stimulate the production of ethylene and accelerate fruit ripening. It inhibits the synthesis of DNA and protein. The physiological functions of abscisic acid are as follows: 

1.Inhibiting and promoting growth. When the concentration of externally applied abscisic acid is high, it inhibits the growth of stems, hypocotyls, roots, coleoptiles or leaves. When the concentration is low, it promotes rooting and hypocotyl elongation of isolated cucumber cotyledons, accelerates the reproduction of duckweed, and stimulates parthenocarpy seed development.

2. Maintain dormancy of buds and seeds. Dormancy is related to the balance of gibberellin and abscisic acid in the body. 

3. Promote the shedding of fruits and leaves. 

4. Promote stomatal closure. Abscisic acid can quickly close stomata and is non-toxic to plants. It is a good anti-transpiration agent. A biological test method to test the concentration of abscisic acid is to float the epidermis of isolated leaves on the surface of abscisic acid solutions of various concentrations. Within a certain range, the degree of stomata opening and closing is inversely proportional to the concentration of abscisic acid. 

5. Influence flowering. Under long-day conditions, abscisic acid can make strawberry and blackberry terminal buds dormant and promote flowering. 

6. Influence sexual differentiation. Gibberellin can cause female cannabis plants to form male flowers. This effect can be reversed by abscisic acid, but abscisic acid cannot cause male plants to form female flowers.

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