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Tocopharm joined in CPHI 2023

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The annual gathering of the National People's Congress of Medicine - the 21st CPHI China 2023 kicked off in the heavy rain. Tocopharm also sent representatives to participate in the three-year interruption due to the new crown epidemic Although the rain was heavy at the party, it did not dampen everyone's enthusiasm for participating in the exhibition. Although the Asian Natural and Nutritional Health Products Exhibition (HNC) has been relocated from the Shanghai New International Expo Center to the National Convention and Exhibition Center, the number of exhibitors is still very large, not less than the number of former combined exhibitors, as shown in the figure:




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Tocosynth is the Chinese dosmetic susidiary company of Tocopharm,who mainly R&D and manufacturing chemicals raw materials based in Shanghai,China.Our company was established in 2012.
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