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The origin of Tocosynth as the name suggests lies in Tocopharm's  chemical synthesis. The company was established in 2012 with intention to cater needs of researching and developing chemical raw materials.Tocosynth is managed by technically qualified promoters and support team. The promoter has more than 20 years’ experience having successfully established , run and managed multi products and multi-location plants of manufacturing organic intermediates and specialty chemicals and catering to needs of multinational companies as well as small and medium enterprises across the globe.

Rm 1955,Building 2,No.215,Lianhe North Rd.,Fengxian Dist.Shanghai 201417 China
About Us
Tocosynth is the Chinese dosmetic susidiary company of Tocopharm,who mainly R&D and manufacturing chemicals raw materials based in Shanghai,China.Our company was established in 2012.
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